34,000 Yards in 100 Shots | CH-AL-LENGE

I started out this CH-AL-LENGE contemplating taking on the 35,000yds, meaning that I’d need to average over 350 yards in 100 shots…after this, I’m so glad that I didn’t and decided on 34,000yds.

However, I thought about leaving that until I’d consistently gained more distance and I’d do it LIVE on YouTube.

So, here’s my ATTEMPT at the 34,000 yard CH-AL-LENGE and it was a TOUGH ONE. It was a mental and physical challenge to average 340 yards in 100 shots.

*Spoiler below – 100 shot data



Hey Guys,

I’ve had many messages on where/how it’s possible to financially assist #TEAMAL with funds going towards improving content & equipment on Twitch, YouTube and all other platforms.

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#TEAMAL 12 Hour SAVE THE CHILDREN Charity Stream on Twitch!!



#TEAMAL 12 Hour SAVE THE CHILDREN Charity Stream on Twitch!!



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Tonight could me another night for the WIG!

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